Icom Touristik

About icom-touristik

icom-touristik was established in 1996 by Bernhard Döbele as a hotel booking agency for groups of travellers.

icom-touristik initially specialised in working with artistic groups touring within Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

icom-touristik has expanded since and is now a hotel booking agency for touring artistic groups, tour directors, sportspeople, clubs, bus tour operators and other tourist groups from both Germany and abroad.

icom-touristik has strengthened its relationship with hotel groups and private hotels of all categories.

icom-touristik offers a client-orientated, professional, fast and friendly service.

icom-touristik's advice is free of charge.
  icom-touristik identifies the individual needs of its clients, secures offers that fit their requirements, then books and confirms immediately, while keeping the necessary documentation to a minimum.

icom-touristik offers clients a cost-free reservation service and significantly reduces their workload.

icom-touristik achieves excellent rates by negotiating bulk discounts.

icom-touristik uses specially developed software that allows extremely fast access to thousands of hotels at home and abroad.

And last but not least, icom-touristik’s staff is well educated, experienced and friendly. Put us to the test!

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